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From: Sergey Matveev <stargrave@stargrave•org>
Subject: Re: Announcing gitsync-nncp
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 13:41:31 +0300	[thread overview]
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*** John Goerzen [2021-08-18 11:16]:

Impressive! My appreciation!

Just out of curiosity, possibly I read badly and too quickly, possibly I
am not taking in account something, or forget how git works, but: each
remote gitsync-accessible repository is "identified" only by a single
branch in your scheme. Can remote/branch be used instead of a single
branch? Instead of "gitsync-nncp/bob" branch, can there be used
"gitsync-bob" git-remote with possibly several branches in it instead
(and dummy send/fetch URLs)? Git-remote can be considered as a some kind
of a namespace/aggregation of branches (plus some URLs/rules where to
push/fetch it) in my opinion. Or using "git remotes" abstraction brings
more problems and complications? But you won't be limited to the single branch.

Sergey Matveev (
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